Sonntag, 24. Mai 2015

Pretending everything is normal and okay xoxo

"Have you ever had to get through a day,
smiling at people, talking, as if everything normal and okay,
while all the time you felt like you were carrying
 a leaden weight of unhappiness inside you?"

Photos taken by my best girlfriend Kat Mako


Skirt: Nowistyle / Shirt Zara (self-cropped) / Hat H&M / Rings Forever21 / Heels Jeffrey Campbell

Montag, 18. Mai 2015

you are my fav 3am thought, babe

When someone is in your 3 a.m thoughts
, when you think you see them everywhere you go,
when your heart beat races by just one single touch,
you know you are hooked.


Beanie H&M /Shirt Forever21 / Shorts Gina Tricot / Heels Primark

Big THX to my girl Kat Mako for taking the pictures ♥

Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

She goes with the flow and follows her heart

Don’t date a girl who travels for she has chosen a life of uncertainty. 
She doesn’t have a plan or a permanent address.
 She goes with the flow and follows her heart. 
She dances to the beat of her own drum. She doesn’t wear a watch.
 Her days are ruled by the sun and the moon.” 

Thanks to my best friend Kat for taking the pictures.
Visit her blog

Tshirt H&M / Jeans Asos / Coat Vintage