Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

Give me a chance

You’re perfect. Maybe a little bit too perfect for me.

I am the wasted girl. You are the perfect guy.

I have done a lot of wrong this in the past. I told you a lot of secrets. I was simply lost and did shit, real heavy shit. I have learned my lessons.You don't mind I have las Vegas past. I like you, a lot. 

I can’t help it that I was the crazy drunken girl who gave myself to a couple of guys.I am not proud of what I've done but this happened. You are the perfect son-in-law, nice, friendly, funny, beautiful. You and me are total opposites. I am the total opposite of what you probably seek in a girl but however, I wont give up on us. Give me a chance to show you that I can be your girl.

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