Montag, 11. Juni 2012

Yet there is no way to know how you feel

I don't mind being called a dreamer or a hopeless romancer. I wish that I am yours, I wish we could share all our secrets. Every single day I am thinking about you. I was wondering if you ever stay awake and think about me. If you ever missed me or the warmth we shared when we are right next to each other.

Yet there's no way to know how you feel and think. I couldn't just make you say things that I want to hear.

Do you know it breaks my heart seeing you doing just fine while I bled and hurt inside? To realize that I'm the only one suffering and being haunted by memories and being lulled by tears to sleep at night. I try not to talk to you, not to smile at you, not to even look at you and I always end up swallowing my own crap.
Everybody’s telling me that everything will be fine.  But they don’t understand that this is so hard to me.

I don’t know if I miss you or love you. But it is the magic between us that I really want to keep on moving.  

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