Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

I dream of you

Sometimes I lie in bed all day just so that I can dream of you.
I was scared of you at first. And of your rebellious ways. Afraid of our first date. I was intoxicated with the confidence your stare gave me.. Every time I caught your eyes my heart jumped. I was smiling all the time, carefully listening because I don't wanted to miss something.

Now, I don’t have anything but just the memories. I remember lying in your arms listening to your stories. I remember dancing with you. I loved dancing with you. I remember your voice and your laugh. The time is still not our friend. But they say, happiness will come to those who wait.
It kills me that I didn’t fight for you, but I didnt want to be the only one who is fighting
Sometimes I lie in bed all day just so I can dream about you dreaming about me too.

And about the day you can be mine.

                                               Thanks to Verena for this picture <3

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