Dienstag, 16. August 2011

Chicago - Week 1

Hi there,

I've had a wonderful first week in Chicago. I've met really wonderful people and had lotsa fun. My personal highlight was at Michigan Ave. as a girl taped on my shouler and she is a class mate who is in my class in Wuppertal-Germany. That ist such a SMALL world. She made a weekend trip to Chicago. We went out for dinner.

Basically I don't miss Wuppertal. Of course my family and friends but everything seems so easy over here. The ppl are so friendly and not egostic as in Germany. What I also like about the US is that you will get water in every restaurant. Btw my new love is calling gucamole.

Lake Michigan
One of my fav.

Chicago at Night - nice view huh?


Montag, 8. August 2011

My first days in Cicago

I just wanna show u some pictures of my Chicago stay including the flight. While flying to Chicago o'Hare I saw the movie "Red Riding Hood" and "The Source Code" with Jake Hot Gyllenhaal.  Nevertheless I took some pics. Btw I LOVE my car. It is a Ford Fiesta SES in yellowwww.

above London

somewhere above Canda


 looks like candyfloss

East Coast of Lake Michigan

West Coast of Lake Michigan ( Chicago )

Driving with Julie to Chicago

My Car

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