Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

music obsession

well, I had a fantastic week and I am listening to music all the time..
Here are my top 5 of this week

1. The red jumpsuit apparatus - Grimm Goodbye
2. The red jumpsuit apparatus - False pretense

I have to say that I know this wonderful band since 2006 and it's bad that they just having one LP called "Don't you fake it". C'mon Guys.

 3. Lady Gaga - Judas

4. Natalia Kills - Wonderland
In my opinion, Natalia Kills is very hot, she's beautiful and I like her hair she is wearing in "Wonderland". I want to see more, Mrs. Kills

5. Billy Talent - Sympathy
Well, I know that this song is old but I'm still in love with that song.

Montag, 9. Mai 2011

Shopping at PRIMARK

                             High waist shorts - 13 Euro                            

                            printed jeans shorts - 9 Euro

                            lovely Wedges, open Toe - 23 Euro

                            cute plimsoles - 11 Euro

                                   Collegeshirt - 8 Euro

                  .. and of course, for my new home in August, Chicago top - 4 Euro

Shooting with Nadine Hoffmann


Samstag war ich mit meinem Dad, Maja und Henk in Roermond, Holland.
Wir haben uns ein paar Boote angeschaut, da wir vorhaben uns ein Neues zu kaufen. Ich persönlich habe mich in eine "Four Winns" verliebt.
Danach waren wir noch in der Stadt von Roermond, haben uns Süßigkeiten gekauft. Roermond ist so eine süße Stadt, ein Besuch lohnt sich immer.
Highlight war der hammergeile Monsterstruck!!